Zui Camp 2022

Friday 9 September - Sunday 11 September 2022

Silverstream Retreat (Rimu Block)

3 Reynolds Bach Drive, Silverstream, Lower Hutt

Registration: $200 per person

If you are bringing your whanau I will review costing on a case by case basis, and if you have intense food allergies and it's easier to self-cater, please use the info box below, 

Cost Covers:

  • 2 nights accommodation (please note these are shared bunk rooms)
  • Catered dinner/dessert on Friday and Saturday night
  • Communal Food for Breakfast and Lunch
  • Admin

The catered meals are buffets so it was cheaper and they can account for dietary requirements. People will have different eating habits so breakfast and lunch is pretty casual and when you feel like it. 

If you are in a position to be able to contribute towards the Support Kitty this will be distributed across those who indicate they need financial support to attend. If you are someone who needs support, or extra support, please use the text boxes accordingly to let me know what will help you get to camp, and any details provided will be held in confidence. Don't feel bad asking - travelling further impacts the costs, your income may be limited for a variety of reasons. There is no judgement, only a desire to see you if you can make it. 

Remember that Zui is a secret group, and therefore this page is as secret as I can make it. You need the url to get here, as it's not able to be clicked through from the main site. 

About Our Space: We will have a shared lounge area and our own kitchen. We can't do any major cooking but it has the basics. A room has been set aside as a Quiet Zone

Sleeping Quarters: At this stage (Sep 2021) all adults have a bottom bunk. 

Meals: Breakfast and Lunch will be communal sharesies, this will be easier to arrange once I have final numbers. Dinners are buffet style and will take all allergies into account. 

Carpooling: I'm recording who is where and has what space. Will connect folk once majority of regos are in.

Friday: We should be able to get in from midday. I have offered to facilitate a business session in the afternoon. Unofficial lunch will late and likely grazing foods, nor required to eat at same time. Dinner will be a set time.

Saturday: Breakfast and lunch have no set time. Dinner will be a set time. Informal agenda to be arranged based on group discussions leading up to camp.

Sunday: Breakfast has no set time. 

What to Bring

  • Stash! If you don't feel like buying but wouldn't mind New to You, please bring anything that is up for Swapsies
  • Cash! (or an eftpos card) if you feel like raiding my inventory
  • WIPs - if it'll fit, bring it! (doesn't have to be knitting or crochet, there is a strong sewing contingent so if you want to cut patterns with friends, bring the things! Fabric scissors will only be used for fabric)
  • FOs - if it'll fit, bring it!
  • The usual things - clothes/toiletries/meds/charging cords
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