Bringing the Yarn to You

Dedicated pop ups, retreats, and virtual events featuring artisan yarn from around New Zealand.

Membership Option Coming Soon!

This will be a paid subscription and is being developed to be able to bring the yarn to you whether you can attend in person events or not.

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"Julie curated me the most amazing bundle of yarn last level 3 and it turned out amazing! I wouldn't have picked the combination myself but Julie's super yarn matching skills made for a beautiful end product"


"Julie is an amazing lady and so talented at matching yarns together as well as patterns to go with them! Excellent service, quick and always happy to answer my questions. Highly recommend her to everyone who is new to the hand dyed yarn market. Her range is to die for!" 


After staying with friends on tour: Dinner time conversation cracked us up tonight. 'Where does milk come from?' "Cows", "Where do eggs come from?" "Chickens", "Where does wool come from" "Julie"

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