Inspiration. Education. Connection.

Meet awesome people. Learn new things. Be inspired. 

Crafting connection one stitch at a time. 

This is for you if:

* you want to be part of a community that cares about issues that impact the community

* you want to learn new skills and grow your craft confidence

* you want real-time content to inspire you or keep you company while you craft

* you want help curating yarn for your projects

* you want early access to product that hits my inventory

* you want exclusive events and offers

This is not for you if:

* you want to stick to your knitting

Kia ora, I'm Julie

I've been dreaming of a way to build a community that cares about more than yarn, that is open to challenging conversations as well as challenging projects. A place to learn together, a space to craft together, and a whare for resources. Where we can support each other with aroha and integrity. Where we can building meaningful connections that matter. 

I want to help you boost your craft confidence, inspire you to try new things, and add tips and tricks to your craft kete. 

First Dibs

Intrepid Stitchers and Craft Cadets will have early access to yarn top ups and projects that I launch.

Journey Badges

I'm really excited about creating badges to help us document our craft travels together. Some will be included with your membership, and some will be available in project kits. Only Intrepid Stitchers will be able to earn journey badges and these won't be available to the general public. 

Virtual Stitch Sessions

Intrepid Stitchers will have access to Virtual Stitch Sessions. These will be hosted online with a couple of set times each month for us to come together to craft and catch up. 

Inspired Content

These will be recorded so it will be available outside the membership at a later date, but only Intrepid Stitchers will be able to tune in to live broadcasts and have any-time access to recordings before they are public.

Private Online Community

No Facebook needed! This private community will be an ad-free space - no sponsored ads, no random suggestions that take up more room than the posts you want to see. Intrepid Stitchers have their own area for their exclusive stuff. 

Koha with a WoW Factor

Make monthly contributions to good causes.



(apx NZD32)


USD 54/quarter 

(apx NZD87)

Twice a Year

USD96/six monthly

(apx NZD155)



(apx NZD272)

Price includes:

Access to our ad-free, anonymous-if-you-wish, and supportive online community (no Facebook needed). 

Exclusive yarn opportunities and first dibs on inventory arrivals

Access to live broadcasts for industry interviews, and ability to submit questions for guest speakers.

Sneak peeks of yarn and project plans

Support from me and your craft crew

Virtual Stitch Sessions 

Journey Badges (real ones that you can sew or iron on to stuff)

What if I don't want the Extra Stuff?

That's totally doable! You can join as a Craft Cadet. You'll be able to connect with members, participate in project quests, request curation support, and have access to resources. Please note that the birthday discount cannot be applied to this level of membership.

Pay Monthly USD10 (apx NZD15)

Pay Every Six Months USD50 (apx NZD73)


Do I need Facebook?

No. This is a private platform that WoW pays for so you don't have your feed constantly interrupted. It's set up so you can catch up on the segments that you're interested in and bypass anything you don't have the energy for. 

Can I be anonymous?

Yes. It's possible to join with an alias. However, if you prefer to be you, Admin can post on your behalf if you'd like to pose a question anonymously.

What if I am unhappy with my membership?

You don't have to stay. The value of any unused months (depending on your payment plan) can be transferred to a voucher which you can use towards yarn, or WoW retreats. 

Why is it in USD?

This is because of the platform I chose to use - it had all the functionality I wanted except currencies (which are now available but not NZD) and because the membership is able to be global, USD is the most common. 


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