Behind the Wheel

Ponty doesn't have arms so I don't let him drive, but he sits up front with me when I'm on the road. 

Below are some of the hats we wear to keep the engine running.

Admin & Accounts

Julie Keegan

Keeping the wheels turning behind the scenes by liaising with suppliers, making sure things add up, and updating the website.

Event Co-ordinator

Julie Keegan

A lot of time and effort goes into the itinerary and creating the events that bring the yarn to you.


Julie Keegan

Itineraries and stock top ups are scheduled meticulously to ensure yarn makes it to the intended destination - and that there is always plenty to squish!


Julie Keegan

(and fabulous folk who take pictures for me so I can be in them)

No stock photos here! Real photos, real people, all the yarn.


Julie Keegan

That'll be me - I don't know everything, but I do know enough to get you connected with the right yarn for your project.

Social Media

Pontini O'Lann

Small in stature and personality still hiding under the surface. Pontini has stepped up in Ponty's absence to remind Julie to post on social media, and is still a bit shy as he's new to the Craft Community.

Shout Julie a Coffee

If you love what I do and want to show it, caffeine is always appreciated ;)

Free ways you can support WoW

  • leave a review
  • share events that are happening in your area
  • comment on posts on Facebook & Instagram (likes and follows also appreciated!)
  • send me pictures of projects with yarn you picked up from WoW that I can share on social media

How Wool on Wheels Happened

The short version


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