Diversity Statement

All crafters, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, age, ethnicity, disability, physical appearance, body size, and/or religion are worthy of being seen, heard and safe whether that is at an event or in an online space.

I believe that it is part of Doing The Work to share my journey as a way of opening up conversation. I can already see how racism has impacted my cultural identity and I am working on healing the deep disconnect I have with my Asian heritage. It is challenging and emotional as I unpack the influences that have shaped my thoughts and actions growing up.

As a cishet, white presenting person I acknowledge that this gives me certain privileges that are not afforded to people in various minority groups. I am committed to continuing my diversity education so that I can encourage understanding and inclusivity in the spaces where I operate.

Online Code of Conduct

I am open to learning, and having meaningful discussion on my public posts. I will not delete comments that explain, educate, share experiences, or that are contrary to my position, and request this of you also.

However, abuse and personal attacks will not be tolerated and deleted without warning.

Please remember that situations involve people and I do not want to see defamation of people or businesses. Naming and shaming can lead to bullying and harassment and that is not acceptable under any circumstance.

Remember that tone is lost in text, responses can seem abrupt when endeavouring to explain - people should not have to prefix with an apology for putting in the effort to educate or share their knowledge/understanding to make it palatable. Please practice benefit of the doubt - and treat people the way you would like to be treated. Chances are you're an adult if you're reading this - act like one.

Think before you post. If you were having the same conversation in person, would you still say it?


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