Joining the WoW Membership

This is a paid subscription service. Your payment enables access to the Craft Cadet and/or Intrepid Stitchers spaces on the dedicated Wool on Wheels membership platform but upholding the community values will ensure your ability to stay. I know that sounds a bit stern, but it's a reminder to be respectful of the space so that it stays safe and enjoyable for all members.

If you decide that you do not want to stay, or you feel like you are not using your membership you are not locked in. Changing your mind does not entitle you to a refund but I am happy to calculate the pro rata of "unused" time as a Wool on Wheels voucher that you can use towards yarn, a retreat registration, or designate a gift voucher recipient - though this depends on the payment plan you are on. You will be able to cancel your subscription within your account but you do need to let me know so I can update my records and ensure you don't get communication that you don't want. If you are on a monthly plan you will have access to the community until your month is completed. If you are on a longer payment cycle it will be quickest if you notify me so I can arrange your pro rata credit. 

The Values That You Agree to Help Me Uphold


This is an inclusive space – this means we support Te Tiriti o Waitangi and recognise inclusivity is intersectional. No racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, ableism, ageisim, Antisemitism, Islamaphobia, or classism is acceptable. Please use gender and race inclusive language when addressing the group.


We all have skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise that we can contribute. Please be considerate with your words and language - and mindful that people have different experiences that they are speaking from. This is not a space for venting (unless you've had a project mishap, there is a dedicated thread for craft calamities) please think about the energy you are bringing to the space, and respect that this is an online whare that is shared. 

Self Promotion (if you have a service or product)

Please don't. Members are paying for a Wool on Wheels membership. It's not fair on me or the collaborators that I work with if you promote your business or product. However, you are welcome to include this when you do your introduction, and to use the social links in your bio to link to businesses or blogs. 

No Judging

Everyone is at different levels of their craft journey, and will process information differently. Something you may find simple could be very challenging to someone else. If you have knowledge that helps, please share it without assumptions about ease or difficulty. 

This also applies to choice of yarn and size of stash. People have different budgets and/or may experience allergies working with natural fibres, or are crafting for a specific person. 

Benefit of the Doubt

Our life experiences mean we have different understandings of the world. Be curious if something confuses you. Or contact Admin if something concerns you.  Let's look out for each other and assume good intent. 


Please respect the privacy of members and use the messaging function in good faith. Because no one will be self promoting I don't want to hear about any unsolicited messages. Please also respect the privacy of the space - content should not be screenshotted or shared outside the platform. 


I know this will look different for each person, but I do invite you to be actively involved in your membership. I realise this will have ebbs and flows based on what is happening in your life, but you have invested to be here and we want you to feel like you are part of the community. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong.


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